What Music Can I Use for YouTube?

14 October 2023


Embarking on the YouTube odyssey unveils a conundrum every creator encounters – the quest for the perfect tune. The inquiry, What Music Can I Use for YouTube, echoes through the digital hallways, seeking to harmonize the visual narrative with melodious notes. It’s more than just a quest for auditory pleasure; it’s about orchestrating a digital experience that resonates with every click and view.
The journey, however, dances around the maypole of legalities and copyrights. It’s not merely about finding music; it’s about discovering the rhythms that align with the legal beat, ensuring that every note strikes a chord with compliance as much as it does with the audience. This introduction aims to be your compass in navigating the melodic waters of YouTube, ensuring your voyage is both harmonious and lawful.
What Music Can I Use for YouTube

Understanding YouTube’s Music Policies

YouTube has specific music policies aimed at balancing the creators’ rights with those of the musicians and composers. However, misconceptions abound, with many falsely believing that all online music can be used freely, leading to inadvertent copyright infringements.
What Music Can I Use for YouTube
YouTube’s music policies are essential for any creator or user who wants to utilize the platform’s vast library of music without running afoul of copyright laws. These policies outline the guidelines and restrictions surrounding the use of copyrighted music in YouTube videos, helping creators understand what they can and cannot do when it comes to incorporating music into their content.

By familiarizing yourself with these policies, you can navigate the complex world of music licensing on YouTube and create content that is both captivating and legally compliant.

Copyright Basics Music

Copyright is a legal realm that protects the original creations of musicians and composers. Ignorance or negligence towards copyright laws can lead to serious implications, including video takedowns and legal actions.

However, there have been cases where copyright claims have been wrongly issued, resulting in the removal of content that actually falls under fair use or is licensed properly.

For example, a creator using a short snippet of a copyrighted song for educational purposes or as background music in a transformative work may still face copyright claims and potential takedowns, even though their usage falls within legal boundaries.
What Music Can I Use for YouTube, music copyright

Exploring Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-free Music

Royalty-free music is a haven for YouTubers, providing a plethora of tunes without the shackles of recurring fees. It’s an accessible route for creators to add a professional touch to their videos without delving into complex licensing agreements.
YouTube’s Audio Library

YouTube’s Audio Library is a curated collection of music and sound effects, free for use by its community of creators. It’s a hassle-free solution to find music that aligns with YouTube’s policies, ensuring a harmonious blend of visuals and audio.

Creative Commons Music

Creative Commons licenses are a beacon of hope in the often tumultuous sea of music copyright. They provide a structured yet flexible framework for creators to explore a diverse range of music while adhering to legal stipulations. 

For example, a YouTuber creating a travel vlog can search the Audio Library for upbeat and adventurous music under a Creative Commons license. This allows them to enhance their video with fitting background music without worrying about copyright infringement or licensing fees.

Music licensing platforms

Platforms like Epidemic Sound and Artlist bridge the gap between creators and composers, offering a smorgasbord of licensed music. The licensing process, though seemingly daunting, is streamlined on these platforms, ensuring a smooth journey from selection to synchronization. 

For example, a YouTuber creating a travel vlog can use a music licensing platform like Epidemic Sound to find the perfect soundtrack for their video. They can easily search for music based on their desired mood or genre, select the tracks they like, and then download them with the appropriate licenses. Once downloaded, they can seamlessly synchronize the music with their footage, enhancing the overall viewing experience for their audience.

Partnering with musicians

Collaborating with independent musicians opens doors to unique, original soundtracks for your videos. Drafting clear legal agreements is crucial to ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership and avoiding any future discord.
What Music Can I Use for YouTube, pernership with musicians

However, partnering with musicians can be time-consuming and costly, as negotiations for legal agreements can be complex and require financial compensation for the use of their music. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the collaboration will result in a soundtrack that perfectly matches the desired mood or genre of the video.

Creating Your Own Music

Creating your own music is a voyage of self-expression, allowing a seamless integration of your narrative with your tunes. Modern-day digital tools and platforms have made music creation accessible even to those without a formal background in music.

With the help of Mubert AI, you can now easily create your own music without the need for expensive equipment or a team of professionals. Mubert AI utilizes advanced algorithms to generate unique and high-quality music tracks that perfectly match the mood and genre you desire for your video. This allows you to have complete control over the soundtrack of your project, ensuring a seamless integration between your narrative and the music.
What Music Can I Use for YouTube mubert ai


The spectrum of options available for sourcing music for YouTube videos is vast. Whether you venture into creating your own tunes, dive into the world of royalty-free music, or explore collaborations, the sonic landscape is ripe for exploration. So, tune into the rhythm of creativity, adhere to the legal beat, and let your YouTube narrative resonate through the chords of legality and originality.

By carefully selecting the right music for your YouTube videos, you can elevate the overall viewing experience for your audience. The key is to find music that complements the mood and message of your content, creating a harmonious blend that captivates and engages viewers.

Remember, the power of music lies in its ability to evoke emotions and enhance storytelling, so take the time to find the perfect soundtrack that truly enhances your narrative. With the right music, your YouTube videos can truly come alive, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.